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Archer Series Cabinets

Combining the features and high-quality metal construction players love with the reliability and security operators need, the Archer family of cabinets creates engaging gaming experiences that deliver results.

Archer 27

Three dual screen Archer cabinet

Archer 43

Three portrait screen Archer cabinets

Dynamic lighting

Premium construction with sleek design

New hardware manufacturer warranty

Industry leading security features

Archer Series Cabinet Security Features

High Quality 14-Guage Steel Cabinet Construction

Industrial-Grade Touchscreen Glass Monitor

Reinforced Player Tracking Panel is Resistant to Forced Entry

Hardened, Stainless Steel Dual Latch Belly Door is Resistant to Forced Entry Hammer Attacks

Belly and Cashbox Door Alarms

Security Slick Pic

Full-Length Main Door Latch

Reinforced Welded Hinges on all Doors

Double-Keyed Cashbox Door

Reinforced Belly Door with Dual Load-Bearing Shocks

Secure, Interior Power Button

Lockable Pedestal Base

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